🙇⚠️ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We currently provide Wholesale or Small Batch Services. Please inquire or order our textiles by Whatsapp or Email directly. All online retailing services is now SUSPENDED. ⚠️🙇‍♀️

About Us

Yau Yuen Enterprises Co., (then Fu Shing Enterprises Co.) is a famous fabric retailer in Hong Kong for almost 40 years since 1983.

Our Company provides synthetic fabrics (Polyester, Nylon, etc...) like Satins, Organzas, Chiffons, Meshes, Velvets, Brocades, Laces, Evening Gloves and other accessories.

Concentrating on areas like Bridal Wears, Prom (Party) Dresses, Fashion, Stage Performances, Upholstery, Decorations, Arts and Crafts etc., we helped and witnessed numerous Local/US/EU businesses as well as Asian factories growth in Southern China.

Stocks are imported from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia and are immediately available.

We also have direct or indirect linkage to those mills and therfore be available to become your powerful sourcing agent in the Far East.

"Yau Yuen" means fate and destiny seperately in Cantonese – it is always a miracle for you to read these words under the eternal universe. The wordings together also means "the origin of friendship", we cherish our friendship and are always willing to stand by your side with your challenges ahead