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Polyester fabric cares upon receiving from fabric store

Polyester fabric cares upon receiving from fabric store

What do you do when you obtain your newly ordered fabrics from the fabrics store? Yes, to wash and iron. However, inappropriate handling would murder them that you would have to start the process all-over again!

In this article, we will share how one can flatten and clean your polyester fabric just bought from the store and get them ready for your sewing work!



It is not uncommon to find folds and wrinkles on the fabrics. But ironing them like you do on your cotton T-shirt would likely to cause disaster. Here are the top 3 ways to manage them properly:

1. Steamer
Steam is the best solution, if you have one. The steam could achieve the flattening easily, while protecting the fibre from direct contact of the hot iron soleplate.

2. Gentle heat with damp cloth
If there is no steamer in your place, this is another safe way to flatten the folds.
- Use low heat of the iron, while placing a damp cloth on the fold.
- Press the iron against the fold and move on it repeatedly and gently.
- Check in between some seconds to examine the flattening status.

Repeating low heat transfer and the use of damp cloth can both minimise any potential damages caused by high heat.

Ironing with a damp cloth to our Yellow Polyester Duchess Satin - FS-4810

3. Gravity
The most natural and secure approach for perfectionist especially to those with light-weight fabric.

A very light-weight polyester organza (such as our FS-2020) can be revived by simply hanging it up and letting gravity do the magic! The fabric weight when pulled by gravity will gradually flatten the wrinkles.

If you are not very patient, you may apply some weight at the end of the fabric to speed up the process. However, you must beware of the mark left by the clamps!

Never apply high-temperature setting on the fabric, especially to polyester or any other synthetic fabrics. High temperatures will inflict permanent damage to these oil synthesised product by melting, bubbling and partial shrinking.

Bubbling on light polyester organza caused by high-heat ironing"Bubbling" occurs when ironing light polyester in high-heat



Polyester fabrics come with a low shrinkage rate between 1.5% - 3.5%, i.e. they do not shrink when washed by water. So the same worry when using wool, cotton, and silk won’t be a concern here.

However, to those who were advised to do pre-shrinking before your work and you insist to complete such step, then here are the tips:

1. Hand-wash / machine-washing setting
Be gentle to the fabric and avoid vigorous twisting to the fabric. If possible use hand-wash, otherwise use the hand-washing setting in the washing machine.

The key is to prevent twisting damage during the washing process. This is particularly important for fabrics that are light-weight and thin.

2. Low heat drying
In case of using a dryer, set the temperature to low and run one cycle. Remove the fabrics from dryer at once after the cycle, because when they cool down completely, the wrinkles will sculpture on the surface. Hang them properly to remove the remaining moisture.

3. Hang drying
Placing them on the hanger for drying is good to dry and at the same time removing the wrinkles!

Now it is all set! The fabrics are well ready for your great work!

Thanks for reading this and please kindly share with us your experience and comments!

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