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What's so special about Two-tone fabrics?

Hello Designers and Sew-mates,

You must have all seen the material from the dress of those celebrities on the red carpet. Some of them are specifically attracting your sight, since they appear in different colours in different angles, and that their dresses flash and twinkle when they move.

Assuming you want a few yards from your local fabric market, how do you call those materials in front of the salesperson? Satin? Twinkle Satin?

Different stores may have different name, for us we call them Two-tone Satin.
According to their yarn and weaving structure there are other two-tones such as Two-tone Organza and Two-tone Chiffon.


So what actually are they? For starter, two-tones were fabrics woven by two different colour of yarns in weft and warp direction.

The two colours could be contrast to each other or in similar tone which, in a sense the whole piece of fabric will thus create a “shadow effect” in motion.

Two-tones are designed for the luxury looking of evening dress, couturial fashion, performing costume, accessories and so on. If you are applying them on small parts, they could also serve as a secondary fabric which effectively strengthen the specific part.

If you would like to know more, tell us your thought and raise any questions to us. We are happy to share with you our experiences and ideas!


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