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2022 New Launch (1) - The Eco-Polyester Series

Looking for newly produced, customised, and eco-friendly fabrics? We are launching a new series of Recycling Materials to you in the year of 2022!

Three items are in this series, which serves mainly in the field of #fashion, #bridaldress, #eveningdress, #couture, #upholstery and so on.

1. #O2020CR-Eco - Recycling 2020 Crushed Organza

It provides a desired texture to those designers who are "organza user".
Light, flowing and sheer. It is considerable a very ideal material to produce volumetric effect to a dress, if used cleverly.


2. #O2040-Eco - Recycling 2040 Organza

The standard 20D x 40D Polyester Organza. Sheer, light and flowing. Its yarn were fine enough that any colour dyed onto would appear in ample saturation.


3. #SC145-Eco - Recycling Satin Chiffon

If you are looking for a heavier, draping chiffon, but at the same time you need a slightly lustrous appearance for your dress, then this - a recycling polyester satin chiffon, is definitely the choice for your collection design.

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